You're all set, mama!

You are signed up for the #UnstuckMom Challenge and we can't wait to get started. These 5 days are going to deep, fun, supportive and actionable. We are in this together and we're gonna get unstuck, together!

We have already gotten started, so you will not be receiving a day 1 email. However, you can find ALL the information from day 1 in the Facebook group or by clicking this link. We've created a special page just for you, so that those that miss the emails can still be a part of the fun. You'll find the day's prompt, plus the recording of the live video after we've completed it. Be sure to bookmark that page, friend. 


You can grab your PDF workbook here.
Please note, it is stored in a program called Dropbox. If you have trouble opening or printing, you may need to download the free Dropbox app or try a different browser. Chrome works best.

You can join the pop-up Facebook group exclusively for challenge participants here. 

We have also created a special web page that will house each day's prompt and Facebook live video recording. This is for our mamas who may be intentional with no using Facebook or join us after the challenge has begun. If you don't receive an email on a specific day of the challenge, no worries. You can simply check the page and the info will be there for you. Videos will be uploaded late in the day. You can see and save that page here. Bookmark it or save it in a safe place. 

We're getting started on Monday, April 30. That's tomorrow, sweet friend. We cannot WAIT. 

Here's a bit of information that we want to let you in on now.

Be sure to read everything as we answer most questions right here!

  1. Be sure to join the pop-up Facebook group we have going exclusively for challenge participants. This group is just for the challenge and will be gone afterward. Again, you can join by clicking here.

  2. Each morning at 5am PST/8am EST, an email will be sent with a message from us, an action item and a journal prompt. The messages and prompts will also be posted in the Facebook group just in case the Facebook Gods are not smiling on your email that morning. If you aren't on Facebook or don't get an email, please check the page here for updates and all the info you will need. 

  3. There will be a daily live in the Facebook group. The live call will occur each day of the challenge at 10am PST/1pm EST. Note that there is always a replay available for the videos in the Facebook group. These 30 minute lives are where we will be giving some added support and encouragement.

  4. We also have a free web class scheduled for Tuesday, May 8 at 1pm EST/10am PST. Because you are signed up for the challenge, you will also receive the Get Unstuck web class links, too. No need to sign up! Not only will the links be sent to you in an email, we’ll post them in the Facebook group as well.

  5. Because we absolutely want you to succeed during our 5 days together, we’ve put together a helpful PDF to go along with each day. This is just another way for you to hold yourself accountable, friend. You can download the PDF here.

  6. While we absolutely love to read all of your sweet messages, note that we cannot respond to individual email questions. We have done our best to make the prompts short, sweet and to the point and also give as much direction as possible. We don’t like rules and the last thing you need is the worry of “do it right” syndrome looming over your head. This is all about getting unstuck, not shackeling yourself to the burden of perfectionism. You have everything you need to succeed in this challenge. All you need to do is show up for yourself.

We want to leave you with one last parting message. We are very known for doing challenges that are, shall we say, practical in nature. Tips, hacks, best practices, strategies, etc, but these 5 days are deeper than tips and hacks. This is deep work, so don’t be afraid to dig in and feel the feelings. Motherhood is too sweet a time to spend stuck on that hamster wheel. We are here for you over these 5 days, to guide you and show you that you are capable of living the life you dreamed about before you had kids. The life you are meant to live.


We are SO excited, mama. We can't wait to help you rock yo' home life.