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It's time to get unstuck

The challenge has ended. Catch us next time, mama.

We're doing this live, together Monday April 30- Friday May 4

We know what the burdens of motherhood feel like. We’ve felt that trapped feeling, that STUCK feeling. This challenge was created to reach out to you, the mom we see that feels overwhelmed and under-appreciated. The mom who puts everyone else before herself. The mom who has lost a meaningful connection with her children. The mom that tells herself she's failing, even when those around her see her purpose and worth.

 Let’s get you refocused, energized and confident! That’s the mom you deserve to be :)

So what do you get when you sign up?

A daily email with an action item, a custom journal prompt and all the support and encouragement you need to get it done!

A private pop-up Facebook group exclusively for challenge participants hosted by Allie & Kendra. You'll be surrounded by moms who are diving in and helping to hold one another accountable. Plus, a daily live video with your hosts to give you an extra boost of support. 

A beautifully designed printable (and editable) workbook to help you make progress each day. 

we have a bonus for you, too!

We are planning an incredible web class on Tuesday, May 8 at 10am PST/1pm EST. When you join us in this challenge, you are automatically signed up for the Get Unstuck Masterclass. This has been an epically popular class in the past and you won't want to miss it (but no worries, there WILL be a replay, friend. We know mom life is a busy life.) 

What will we be tackling during our time together?

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Motherhood is too sweet a time to spend stuck on that hamster wheel. We are here for you over these 5 days, to guide you and show you that you are capable of living the life you dreamed about before you had kids. The life you are meant to live.

Come join us and let's do this together, mama. You were meant for so much more.


Meet your #unstuckmom challenge BFFs

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Allie Casazza


Allie is married to the boy she sat next to in seventh grade algebra class, and mom to their four kids. She’s a writer and the creator of Your Uncluttered Home- an online decluttering course that earned her global attention for her philosophy of simple motherhood. Allie has been featured on Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, ABC News and other popular media.  

Kendra Hennessy

Kendra Hennessy is a home management expert, podcast host and the founder of Mother like a Boss, where she helps busy modern moms become homemakerish. Her mission is to redefine homemaking in the 21st century and make the difficult and tedious parts of running your home smoother through systems, routines and mindset shifts. She lives in upstate NY with her husband Adam and their two spunky kiddos, Ava and Everett. Kendra is a Girl Scout co-leader, quoter of The Office and coffee junkie. She loves giving support and encouragement to the moms of the world and giving them the confidence they need to enjoy life as a mother.

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We met over a year ago and it was love at first conversation. Our products and missions were completely in line with one another. Out of the friendship came Rock Yo' Mom Life, a collaboration of both of our businesses and missions. We're great alone, but amazing together. What started off as a simple workshop has turned into a full-fledge side business with a passion for helping moms live their best lives. We believe in abundant motherhood. We believe in living your best life. We believe in the power of getting unstuck.

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