Hey friend!

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We're PUMPED and can't wait to get started. 

Day 1: Take care of yourself

Girl, it’s day 1!

How excited are you?

We’ve been waiting so long for this day and can’t wait to jump in and get started. Know that along with the thousands of other moms in this challenge, we will be doing it right alongside you. This is work that can and should be done in motherhood, no matter what “stage” you’re in. With that, let’s get started.

Day 1 is all about the most important person in your life: you. Did that sentence just give you the chills? Maybe it made you wince. Don’t worry, that’s normal. We’ve been conditioned as a society to believe that everyone else should come before we do. Women tend to feel that deeply, as we’re nurturers by nature. We want to care for others and see others thrive.

But here’s the deal, that isn’t going to happen when you’re depleted. A big part of digging yourself out of the quicksand that often becomes motherhood is recognizing that you need to have a full well before you can quench anyone else’s thirst. You’re not any less important than anyone else, including your kids and if you keep making excuses for why you’re not taking care of you, you’ll be stuck for a long time, friend.

We’ve provided some great ideas in the workbook for you. These are just starters and you may not resonate with any of them. That’s ok. Those are to get your brain going and to show you that this doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. 10 minutes of solid self-care time is better than zero minutes. This is about refreshing yourself and treating your inner awesome lady like a woman, not just a mother and caretaker of others.

Some great starter questions for you:
hat did you enjoy doing before you had children? 
What would you have done on a Saturday afternoon before you had kids? 
Even if you were a very young mom, you know that you had your preference of how you spent your time. Are you a reader? A nature lover? The adventurous type? A lover of all things pampering? 
If I had all the time in the world to treat myself, what would I do?

Give yourself the time and space to think about this today. This challenge is all about digging deep. Remember that excuses will just keep perpetuating the cycle. You can't get unstuck if you aren't willing to get your hands dirty digging yourself out.

Remember, this group is here for YOU. If you’re having trouble, ask for help! If today was easy peasy for you, post about that. Give others the encouragement they need and maybe ever a few awesome ideas.

Below you will find your daily action step and your journal prompt. This will happen everyday. Action and contemplation work hand-in-hand. The two create beautiful magic when done together.

Your daily action step:
Do one act of self-care today (as simple as you need it to be) Take it from your list or choose something that would make you happy. This has to be something just for you.

Your daily journal prompt:
How and why have I been neglecting myself?

Be sure to let us know how you're doing and post your progress here and all over social media using the hashtag #unstuckmom

You can catch the replay video below from today's live call.

Day 2: Get a routine

Hi there, sweet friend

We are already on day 2. Are you ready? We certainly are!

Yesterday was all about taking care of you and how important that truly is. There is a reason we started there. We want you to see and understand that through and through. You are the most important person in your life and that stuck feeling you’re burdened with can be lifted so much if you can start to give yourself the love and nurturing that you give to others.

Today, we’re diving into routines, one of our very favorite subjects. We have found such incredible progress in our mom lives after adding in better routines and rhythms. The predictability that routines give help to lift us out of the funk and get us off of that motherhood hamster wheel.

If you wanna be unstuck, get a good routine in place.

But don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask you to completely overhaul your life in one day. In fact, don’t do that. Please. Routines and rhythms should be created and implemented slowly and purposefully. Too much at once just swings the overwhelm pendulum to the other side.

Instead, we want you to think more about the two anchors of the mommy day that hold the most weight: morning and evening. Those two times can make or break your time, so let’s get you unstuck by creating just 1 great routine for each of those times. This is something that can pack a punch, but don’t think it has to be complicated.

Maybe it means throwing in a load of laundry in the early morning like Allie does. Perhaps it means tidying up the kitchen at night like Kendra does.

The key is to think about something that would help you shift your day. What feels out of control in the morning or the evening? Could you get the kids clothes ready the night before? Choose their breakfasts? Could you get up 20 minutes earlier and clean? Or read? Or pray?

This is about making your life simpler. It is about making this flow easier for you and your family. Don’t overcomplicate this. So many people try to implement 7 step routines all at once. Just choose one thing you could do. Make it a domino task, something that knocks over other tasks and makes you day go by smoother.

Your daily action step:

Come up with ONE new routine for each of those times of day that would make your life simpler. Commit and put them into action.

Your daily journal prompt:

Why haven’t I noticed that I need some intentional routine before? What can I do to be more aware in the future?

We will be live today at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

Day 3: Watch your mouth

Hey there, mama!

Ok, here we are at day 3 already. We’re basically half way through. WOW! Time flies when you’re changing your life, right?

We’re giddy about today, because it is a topic that has quite literally changed our lives and yet something we still have to be conscious of doing every single day. That one thing is affirmations.

We named today “watch your mouth” because too much of what we say is done on autopilot. Our ego or subconscious speaks for us and most of the time, what is said isn’t pretty.

We are obsessed with affirmations because they work. It isn’t magic, it’s reframing. We become what we think and say, so wouldn’t you want to speak positivity and beauty over your day?

Something we both find so interesting is how quickly people dismiss affirmations as being "unproductive" or "too woo-woo" yet, those same people will spend their whole day with an inner dialogue that sounds like this:

"I'm so stupid. I can't believe I did that.
"God, I am the WORST mother."
"I'm not good enough."
"I'm not skinny enough."
"I'm not smart enough."

Those are affirmations too, friend. They are just affirming something negative. Those stories you are telling yourself aren't reality, you've made them a reality. Today is the day we change that. If you want to set a different story as a mom, start with your words.

We recommend posting your affirmations where you can see them. Write them on Post-it notes and slap them around your house. Make a text image to use as your phone background. Create a reminder in your phone that just says something beautiful. Say them in the car as a family as you drive to school. Commit to writing 5 in your journal each morning.

That stuck feeling of motherhood not only comes from the outside things you can change, like a routine, but from the inside, like how you’re speaking to yourself or others.

Your daily action step:

Think about the things you’re already saying/thinking to yourself and flip them around - there’s your affirmation. Write out at least 10 of your very own affirmations on the worksheet

Your daily journal prompt:

How does speaking kindly to yourself make you feel? What do you think would change if you started doing this every day?

We both have podcast episodes on this very topic if you find you need a little more encouragement or help today.

Episode 004 of The Purpose Show: Positive words for your children

Episode 002 of The Mother Like a Boss Podcast: How affirmations have changed my life and motherhood

Day 4: Connect with your kids

WOW! We are coming up on the homestretch here. Day 4 already. Let's not wait any longer. We're diving in.

Day 4 is all about connecting with your kids. This was one of the first topics we decided was a must for this challenge. Both of us have struggled in this area of motherhood the most and we've learned how crucial it is to getting unstuck.

We're not going to sugarcoat this, connection can feel difficult, especially if you have multiple kiddos at home. We've felt that pressure and we know that it can leave you feeling completely stuck in an area you would love nothing more than you feel free and joyful in.

As we sat and talked about the times we felt most unconnected with our children, both of us instantly mentioned our daughters. While we want strong relationships with our boys as well, we realized that we had lost that mother-daughter connection with Ava (Kendra's daughter) and Bella (Allie's daughter) and we craved getting it back.

Our girls are into things we just...aren't. Dragons, horses, the land of make-believe, dolls. Both are solid introverts and that can make connection even more difficult (even for a fellow introvert like Allie.) At one point, Kendra mentioned that she watched Ava doing homework at the kitchen table and realized she had no idea what her daughter was even working on in school. In one moment, she went from feeling pleased with her day to feeling like a complete failure as a mom.

It doesn't matter what age your children are, whether they attend school daily or you homeschool them, what gender they are, what their interests are and how outgoing they seem, a loss of connection happens to all of us. The key is to step back, recognize it and make an effort to change it.

That is exactly what we are doing today.

Today, we want you to think more consciously about the connections you have with your kids and where they have been lacking. This isn't about beating yourself up. We aren't facing day 4 with judgement. Instead, we are using what we've lost to figure out how to gain it back.

A great way to begin is to ask your kids what they would like to do with you. Play, take a walk, eat a snack, go out for ice cream, listening to music, have a dance party, sing, watch a movie. There is no one way to connect. The objective is just to do it.

If you have multiple little ones, make a list of what you could do with each child. Or, decide what you could do all together to build a connection as a family. It is all up to you. The point is to release yourself from the mundane day-to-day tasks and get back to the beautiful connections we want to have with our children.

Your daily action step:

Make time to sit, focused on your kids for 15 minutes (if not today, then put it on your calendar for sometime within the next 3 days)

Your daily journal prompt:

What are some reasons I maybe don’t want to spend time with my kids? What are the reasons it’s so worth it, even if I don’t feel like it?

Day 5: Know your worth

Hello sweet mama!

All we have to say is WOW! Is it day 5 already? Time, you crazy beast! This week has flown by, but we could not have had more fun with you all.

Before we jump in, we want to praise you, like with preachy emoji hands and everything, because the work that you put in this week is nothing short of phenomenal. You made a decison that you weren’t willing to be stuck anymore and you did the work, even when it was difficult. Even when it didn’t feel good. Even when you felt uncomfortable. You did the work.

This group was such a glowing testimonial to all of you and how truly exceptional you are:

"Thank you ladies!!!! I really do feel like I’m getting unstuck from survival mode that I’ve been in since tough colicky babies that are now plenty old enough for me to let that go!!!"

"I want to thank allie and kendra for the time, love and dedication they are putting in here to support mums that are stuck X we all have our moments X some mums are far more capable than others!"

"Ladies I am slowly moving mountains 🙌 insert happy dance! "

"These resources are life-giving. Do you ladies realize you aren’t just impacting us mamas, but your encouragement and wisdom are also blessing our marriages and our babies?! 😭❤️ I wish I could hug you two IRL. For real for real. Thank you so so much for all the help you give."

Those are YOUR words and most importantly, those are your actions. We are so humbled by your kind thoughts and words, but at the end of the day, you did the work.

There may or may not have been some sobbing that went on between us (Allie & Kendra) this week....

So...getting on with Day 5...

There is a reason we saved this for the last day. We won’t lie, this day may be the most difficult for many of our mama friends. Because today is all about knowing, and embracing your worth.

This all started last year when we decided to prompt moms to use the hashtag #unstuckmom on social media along with a list of the reasons they are an amazing mom. We thought it was an innocently fun activity that would bring moms together. What we found was that an overwhelming amount of moms were paralyzed by fear and anxiety about writing this list.

“I don’t really think I AM an amazing mom.”

And our hearts shattered into a million little pieces.

We can’t tell you the sadness we feel when we hear words like that and the reason is twofold.

1. ) You are absolutely amazing and you shouldn’t have to doubt that for one second.

2.) We know exactly how it feels to doubt your worth and feel mediocre at best. We’ve been right there, in our darkest hours and we never want another mom to feel the same way.

So today is all about breaking free of that. You can’t back out of this one. We’re holding you to it. Seriously, we’ve got a camera attached to this email...joking. But we aren’t going to let you skip out on this because it is highly important.

Unsticking yourself isn’t about having an arsenal of mommy tools and hacks, it’s about learning how to see yourself the way everyone else does. It’s about learning to love yourself, wholeheartedly and even when you don’t think you deserve it. If you truly want to get unstuck, you’re going to have to untether yourself from the beliefs that you’re not a great mom.

Don’t get us wrong, there is always room from improvement, but that’s why we are here together. No one is saying you can’t have some areas you want to get better at, but holding on to the thought that there is nothing redeeming about you as a mother is like tying cement bricks to your ankles while you’re treading water.

And before anyone jumps in with the excuse, "It isn't polite to brag about yourself." remember that confidence is a far cry from bragging. Bragging comes from being self conscious. When you have to tell people why you're wonderful to boost yourself, it's because you crave attention. Confidence is the exact opposite. It is a knowing of your worth. It is an understanding that you are worthy, and not any more or less than anyone else. Confidence is what drives great people to do great things, including YOU.

Your daily action step:

List of reasons you’re a great mom (use hashtag, tag us)
It can be 5, it can be 50. We say aim for 10. Don't be afraid of this. You have earned this, friend.

Your daily journal prompt:

How did this day’s action step make me feel? Was it hard or easy for me to create my list?

Now today, we have something even more special for you that goes beyond just a daily prompt. Keep your eyes open for the live video and your inbox today...

Breathe, mama. Just breathe.

We love you.