All right! We’re so glad you joined!

That's it! You took a HUGE step toward a less cluttered, more intentional motherhood. We are so proud of you! Your login info for your shiny new courses are comin' your way!

The following video and information is extremely important to gain access to your bundle. Please be sure to watch the video and read all of the instructions before sending any emails with questions. Most can be answered right here, friend. We have included an instructional video to make it easy for you to login. Please note, this is a secret bundle and cannot be found through the regular school. You can only access it through the link we provide, so keep it in a safe place, put it on a Google Doc, bookmark the page or flag the email. Also, because you have paid through a checkout page, the link below is "secret" so we ask that you do not share it with anyone else. We appreciate you being so awesome!


Here is the video walk through showing you exactly how to access your bundle now!

Here is the link to access your bundle

** Please note, if you already have a username and password associated with your email with Allie's school, even if you never purchased anything, you will need to use THAT username and password. If you enter your information and it says you already have a username but you don't remember your password, you can click "Login with a school account" (found below the pink "Sign up" button) and follow the instructions to change your password. Here is the most important thing to remember. You can ONLY access the bundle through this link:    **